Right now, millions of people are at war with each other. Nearly one hundred million have been killed in battle since World War II.

War may emerge anywhere, it seems, and force innocent people to flee. Homes, families, jobs and security are suddenly disrupted and controlled by the enemy. People in such crises realize they may be dead by night fall. Such happenings are, without question, tragedies of the first magnitude. Who can measure the trauma and anguish involved?

While the final count-down for this earth nears the zero hour, every person on earth is making decisions that will determine his eternal destiny. Millions are wondering which way to turn, what choices to make.

Satan is determined to draw the multitudes of earth into his camp. His philosophies and theories seem to have a bewitching effect upon people. His movement is unveiled in Revelation 11. It is engulfing millions. But God has a grand message of hope and deliverance for people in these desperate hours. Further, He promises that His message will sweep across the entire world quickly in our day. His magnificent message is found in Revelation, chapter 14.

These two movements are diametrically opposed. The gospel of Christ is the basis for the first; the evolutionary theory the basis of the second (2 Peter 3:3-6). The theory of evolution has swept into and captured the American school system in spite of the fact that God condemns it as “science, falsely so called” and “philosophy and vain deceit” (1 Tim 6:20, Col 2:8).

God’s message provides a joyous way out of today’s confusion, heartache and crisis. Satan’s plan is to lead us to personal trauma, woe and destruction. In this Seminar, we see what Revelation tells us about the two movements. It is difficult to properly stress the importance of this seminar subject. We will look at Revelation 11 first.



1. Revelation 11 features God’s two witnesses. It describes shameful treatment given them and their ultimate victory over their persecutors. Who are these two witnesses? Revelation 11:3-4

Ans: “These are the two olive ________________ and the two ______________________”.

NOTE: As demonstrated in Exhibit 12.1, the two witnesses, the two olive trees and the two candlesticks all refer to the same thing – the Old and New Testaments, which were inspired by the Holy Ghost.

2. Verse two of Revelation 11 speaks of a time period of forty-two months when God’s people (the holy city) were to be trodden underfoot or persecuted. Verse 3 speaks of a time period of 1260 days when the two witnesses (the Bible) prophesied in sackcloth, under most trying circumstances. Using the prophetic rule of ONE PROPHETIC DAY EQUALS ONE LITERAL YEAR, how long were these time periods?

ANS: ____________________________________________

NOTE: Forty-two prophetic months and 1260 prophetic days equal the same amount of time: 1260 literal years.

3. When did this 1260 years of unusual persecution take place?

Ans: From _____________ A.D. to_____________ A.D.

Before answering, please study exhibit 12.2 carefully. Keep it handy for reference as we study the rest of the lesson.

The solemn warnings of Revelation 11:5-7 against attacking or interfering with the WORD OF GOD (v. 6) makes it clear (see Exhibit 12.1) that the WORD has power to control and punish evil. Those who oppose the WORD will be destroyed by fire.

4. Who finally killed the two witnesses?

Ans: “The ____________ that _____________ out of the bottomless ___________”.

NOTE: The beast from the pit is Satan, Revelation 20:1-3, in the primary sense. However, as in Revelation 12:3-4 cf Revelation 12:7-9 the beast also represents an earthly kingdom through which Satan successfully worked.

According to the interpretation of Revelation 11:8-9, (see Exhibit 12.1 and 12.2), the nation Satan used to “kill” the Bible was grossly immoral (Sodom), atheistic and God-hating (Egypt). Killing God’s witnesses was considered as serious as crucifying His Son.

5. How long would the two witnesses remain dead? Revelation 11:9

 Ans: “_______________ days and an ________________”.

NOTE: The Bible rule is ONE PROPHETIC DAY EQUALS ONE LITERAL YEAR, Ezekiel 4:6. Thus 3½ prophetic days equal 3½ literal years. Satan despises the Bible because it exposes his evil plans and uplifts Jesus, his archenemy. His strategy is to keep us away from the Bible at any cost. Being too busy is one of our biggest problems. LET’s STOP RIGHT HERE AND PROMISE GOD TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH HIS HOLY WORD DAILY. WHAT COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT?

6. Verses 11 and 12 of Revelation 11, point out that the two witnesses would be raised after 3½ years and ascend up to heaven. What is the symbolic meaning of “ascended up to heaven? Daniel 4:22

Ans: “Thou art … become _________ … for thy greatness … reacheth unto ___________”.

NOTE: It means the Word of God would be highly exalted after it was resurrected. And it was. The British and Foreign Bible Society was organized in 1804 and the American Bible Society in 1816. The Bible became available to the man on the street. It became a best seller and has remained so to this day.

7. According to the prophecy of Revelation 11, the nation that Satan used to “kill” the Bible did its evil work against the Scripture shortly before the 1260-year persecution ended in 1798. According to history, what nation fits the bible specifications? (see Note)

Ans: ________________________________________________________

NOTE: There is only one nation that could possibly fit: the nation of France. The 3½ years were part of the reign of terror of the French revolution. The period began on November 26 of 1793 when a decree, issued in Paris, abolished religion. The period ended on June 17 of 1797, when the French government removed restrictions against religion. During the crisis the Bible was burned and banned (“killed”). All churches and temples were closed, and worship of God abolished by the National Assembly. A ten-day week was voted. Every tenth day was celebrated with mirth and profanity. The existence of God was openly denied. An immoral woman was named “Goddess of Reason”, and people “worshipped” her. Morals dropped to rock bottom. “Crush the wretch” (referring to Christ) was the motto of the revolution. Atheism became the “religion” of France. And it did not work. Three and one-half years later a decree granting toleration of the Scriptures was voted by the National Assembly. It carried without a dissenting vote.

 8. An earthquake in symbolism means an upheaval, a visitation of God’s power. When the earthquake struck, what happened? Revelation 11:13

Ans: “The _____________ part of the city _____________ and in the ___________ were ________________ of men _________________________ thousand”.

NOTE: The city here mentioned is the Papacy, Revelation 17:18 which was supported by the ten kings or nations, Revelation 17:12-13. The earthquake which hit the Papacy is the capture of the Pope in 1798. France, which is one of the ten kings, is the one-tenth that fell because for a brief period she withdrew her support from the Papacy and all other churches. The 7000 men (or names as the margin says) refers to the titled nobility of the city, all of which had their titles removed during the French revolution.


9. Militant atheism began in France but it did not end there. What does God say about the spread of evil? Galatians 5:9

Ans: “A little ____________ leaveneth the _______________ lump”.

NOTE: A little evil can become big very quickly. The religion of atheism (and it is a religion) spread from France to the north and east to the vast country of Russia. In the Russian political revolution of 1917, a vital part of the uprising was an attack upon religion. Today, Russia’s millions are overwhelmingly atheistic. And the virus has swept across the world infiltrating everywhere and gaining adherents to an alarming degree. The school systems of the world dispense atheism in their adherence to evolution. Satan’s movement to defy God has virtually captured the sciences. The devil is angry, militant, brilliant and determined. His religion of atheism has engulfed a third of the world and is growing rapidly.


10. The three-point message of God’s great movement is pictured in Revelation, chapter 14. It is called the everlasting gospel. How widely does God say it will be preached? Revelation 14:6

Ans: “To every __________, and __________, and __________, and __________”.

NOTE: It will go world-wide. No one will be left our. All will clearly understand God’s requirements and His love. No one has a right to preach anything he chooses and call it the gospel. God commands that the everlasting gospel of love for these last days must include His three-point message of Revelation 14:6-12.

11. What is the first part of God’s message for today? Revelation 14:7

Ans: “Fear _________ and give __________ to Him, for the _____________ of His ___________ is come, and___________ Him that made __________ and__________”.

NOTE: The massage is opposed to evolution. It says, “worship the Creator because the hour of His judgment is here”. We will study the judgment message in Lessons 14 and 15. Did you know the judgment has already begun? Lesson ten made it clear that God asks His people to keep His Sabbath as proof that they accept Him as Creator.

12. What is the second part of God’s great message for today? Revelation 14:8, 18:2-4.

Ans: “Babylon is __________ … come ____________ of her, _______ people, that ye be not _____________ of her ________________, and that ye receive _______ of her ________________”.

NOTE: The second point of the message is, “Babylon has fallen. Get out quickly or you will be involved in her sins and will receive of her plagues”. We will study “Babylon” in Lesson 21 and the “Plagues” in Lesson 22. Do you know what Babylon is? Are you certain you are not in Babylon?

13. What warning does the third part of God’s message give? Revelation 14:9

Ans: “If _____________ man worship the ____________ … and ________________ his mark … the same shall ____________ of the ____________ of the ___________ of God”.

NOTE: God is here saying that if a person receives the mark of the beast he is lost and will receive the plagues. Do you know positively what the mark of the beast is? We will study the mark of the beast in Lesson 19.


14. What happens as soon as the three-point message reaches the entire world? Revelation 14:14

Ans: “And I looked and behold a white ___________ and upon the cloud____________ one like unto the ________________ of man”.

Jesus returns in the cloud as soon as His message reaches every person on earth. He won’t come back until all people have heard and clearly understand His wonderful plan of salvation and His invitation for them to live with Him eternally in His glorious new kingdom. All who are lost will be lost with full understanding. Jesus is fair. He will see that all clearly see the issues.

15. What does God promise in regard to His great three-point message reaching the world? Romans 9:28

Ans: “He will finish the ________________ and cut it ___________________ in righteousness “.

NOTE: This is a promise. God, Himself, will finish it up. He will cut short the time required. It is foolish to talk of the immensity and impossibility of the unfinished task when God has personally promised to cut it short and finish it quickly! We are the people who will live to see the King return. Are you ready?

16. Why will many be lost when Jesus returns? Hosea 4:6

Ans: “My people are _____________ for ____________ of ____________, because__________ hast rejected___________, I will also _______________ thee”.

NOTE: Many will be lost because God gave them information or knowledge and they refused to hear it. People who were lost in Noah’s day “knew not” for the same reason: they wouldn’t listen, Matthew 24:37-39. The warning about receiving the messages of Revelation is specific “BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY: BLESSED IS HE THAT KEEPETH THE SAYINGS OF THE PROPHECY OF THIS BOOK”, Revelation 22:7.


17. As one of Jesus’ sheep, what will I want to do? John 10:27

Ans: “My sheep ____________ my _____________ … and they _____________ me”.

18. Why has Jesus given us the information contained in His Word? John 15:11

Ans: “These _______________ have I _____________ unto you that ___________ may be _______________”.

NOTE: He wants us to be happy. Following where Jesus leads and heeding His loving counsel is the only way to joy and happiness.

19. What does Jesus promise us as a free gift? 1 Corinthians 15:57

Ans: “But __________ be to God, which_____________ us the ____________ through our Lord ___________ Christ”.

NOTE: Victory over sin and evil is a free gift of Jesus. We need only accept it.

20. Will you accept the victory that Jesus offers as a gift so he can fill your life with His happiness and joy?

Ans:  _______________________________________________