A brief review of the book of Revelation quickly reveals several crucial points:

  1. A terrifying, deadly, organized conflict is taking place on this earth between good and evil.
  2. Jesus, the Son of God, powerfully leads the forces of good with love, courage, wisdom, kindness, patience, integrity, gentleness, serenity, sympathy, compassion, tact and geniality. His leadership style is one of concern and fair-play for even His worst enemies. He is worthy of our worship because He is our creator and our Redeemer.
  3. Someone, on the other hand, powerfully leads the forces of evil in relentless, devastating assaults upon Jesus and His people. That someone, according to the book of Revelation, is the devil and Satan. As a leader, he is unbelievably militant, crass, venomous, heartless, hateful and unscrupulous, yet, incredible as it may seem, He also, asks for our worship.

In this lesson, we will consider shocking facts about the devil which will doubtless astound you. But please remember that he is our bitterest enemy. He is dead serious about destroying every one of us; and unless we are aware of his characteristics and strategy, the odds are very great that he will ensnare and ruin us, or else we will be duped into worshipping him.

We were created in the beginning, with the desire to worship. The truth is that all of us worship something. With some it may be our own opinions or our assets. We give homage to Satan when we permit anything, other than Jesus, to have first place in our lives.

The shocking, sobering facts are that every person on this planet is, this very day, either worshipping Jesus or giving homage to Satan. Many pay homage to Satan innocently. They would turn from him in disgust were his evil strategies exposed. The central purpose of this Seminar is to expose the archenemy and to uplift Jesus, our Redeemer.



1. What are the names, or titles, applied to the devil in the book of Revelation?

Ans: a.
Revelation 2:10 _______________________________________

Ans: b. Revelation 12:9 _______________________________________

Ans: c. Revelation 12:9 _______________________________________

Ans: d. Revelation 12:9 _______________________________________

Ans: e. Revelation 12:10 ______________________________________

NOTE: Satan is specifically mentioned 55 times in the book of Revelation. In addition, he is referred to indirectly, scores of times, as he works through his agents to destroy God’s work and His people. “Satan” means “adversary” or “enemy”. “Devil” means “slanderer”.

2. Where did the devil come from? Revelation 12:7-9

Ans: _______________________________________

NOTE: Jesus commented on this. He said, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven”. Luke 10: 18.

 3. Why did he leave Heaven? Revelation 12:7-9, 2 Peter 2:4

Ans: “He was _________________ out into the earth”, because he had ___________.

4. Who were cast out with him? Revelation 12:7-10.

Ans: ______________________________________ “.

5. How many angels were cast out with him? Revelation 12:3-4, Rev 12:7-9.

Ans: ______________________________________

NOTE: It all fits together when we note the Bible comments on the subject. Job 38:7 says the morning stars, or angels, sang together at the time of creation. Revelation 12:3-4 shows that one third of them fell with Satan. 2 Peter 2:4 confirms that God did not spare the angels who sinned. Jude 6 confirms that angels did fall. Just think of it! One third of heaven’s angels were deceived by Satan! He has incredible power to deceive and convince. He who deceived the angels can MUCH MORE EASILY deceive people. We must never forget that. Staying close to Jesus is our only safety.

6. What is the origin of the angels, including Satan? Colossians 1:16.

Ans: __________________________________________________”.

NOTE: Think of it! Both Jesus and the angel, who became Satan, lived in Heaven before the creation of this world. Since Jesus created everything, He also created the angel who introduced sin into the universe. Doubtless, the two loved each other deeply at one time. How it must have torn at Jesus’ heart to see rebellion and sin begin and develop in the heart of this great angel till it was necessary to oust him from Heaven. And sin is still the same today. It always brings separation from God, heartache, sorrow, and woe.

7. What was Satan doing in Heaven before his fall, and what was his name? Ezekiel 28:14, Psalm 80:1, Isaiah 14:12

Ans:  a. Isaiah 14:12 – His name was __________________________

Ans:  b. Ezekiel 28:14, Psalm 80:1, He was a covering ____________ (angel).

NOTE: In these passages of Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14, Satan is depicted under the figure of the prince of Tyre and the king of Babylon. The imagery transcends a mere local application to these two rulers. What we see reflected in these heathen powers are the characteristics of their real king, Satan.
According to Psalm 80, verse 1, God’s throne is located between two cherubim (angels). One stands on each side in a position of highest honor and trust. Lucifer was one of these cherubim before he fell.


8. How does the Bible describe Lucifer before his fall? Ezekiel 28:12-17

a. v. 12 – “Full of ______________, perfect in ____________________ .”

b. v. 13 – “Every precious _________________ was thy covering.”

c. v. 13 – “The workmanship of thy … ___________ was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created.”

NOTE: This point seems to be that Lucifer was a fabulous singer and musician.

d. v. 15 – “Thou wast _______________________ “.

NOTE: The myth that Satan is a strange mixture of half beast – half man has caused thinking people everywhere to deny his existence. Thus, they become easy prey to his brilliant deceptions.

9. What caused Lucifer’s fall? Ezekiel 28:17, Isaiah 14:12-14

Ans: a. Ezekiel 28:17 – Because of his brightness, wisdom and beauty he became ___________________

Ans: b. Isaiah 14:12-14 – Pride and self-exaltation caused him to decide that he would be like the ________________________

NOTE: Lucifer wanted to rise above and rule others, even God. Jesus, on the other hand, took on the humble form of man and became a servant. The lesson is clear; to serve and love and give is to be like Jesus; to insist that others serve us and to force and covet and grab is to be like Satan. All of us will be on one side or the other.

10. What strategies and characteristics of Satan are revealed in Revelation and other parts of God’s word? Revelation 19:13-18 cf John 1:1, 14; Revelation 22:6-7.

Ans: a. Rev 12:13 – He ________________________ God’s people.

Ans: b.  Rev 12:19, 20:8,10 – He ______________________

Ans: c.  Rev 12:10 – He is an ___________________ of the _______________

Ans: d.  Rev 2:10 – He puts God’s people in _________________________

Ans: e.  Rev 2:13 – He _______________ or _________ God’s people.

Ans: f.  Rev 12:12, 17 – He is very ________________ with the  _____________ who do God’s will.

Ans: g.  John 8:44 – … he is a ______________ and the _____________ of it.


11. What amazing twofold warning does God give us regarding the devil’s most effective deceptive strategy? 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Ans: a.  v. 14 – Satan appears as an ____________ of _______________

Ans: b.  v. 15 – His ministers appear as _______________________ of ___________

NOTE: Satan seldom poses as an evil one, but rather as a warm, loving friend or Christian worker. He thus deceives the unwary by the millions. In this guise, he is at his most damaging, evil worst. Satan usually does not work openly. Rather, he works through human agents whom he can willingly or unwillingly – or even unbeknown to them – use or manipulate. See Ephesians 6:12

12. Can Satan really work miracles, or does he only appear to do so? Revelation 16:13-14, 2 Thessalonians 2:9.

Ans: “They are ___________ of ___________ working ______________.”

13. How effective are his miracles in deceiving people? Matthew 24:24, Matthew 7:21-23.

Ans: a. Matthew 24:24 – “If it were ________ they shall __________ the very _______

Ans: b. Matthew 7:21-23 – So effective that in the judgment day many will think they are

____________ until Jesus tells them they are _________________

 14. Would Satan ever quote Scripture in order to deceive? Matthew 4:1,5-6

Ans: Yes, he would. He even quoted Scripture when tempting ________________
NOTE: Misuse of Scripture is often Satan’s most formidable weapen.

 15. Who is Satan particularly infuriated with in these last days? Revelation 12:17

Ans: a. Those who “keep the ______________ of _____________ “.

Ans: b. And “have the ______________________ of Jesus”.

 16. How can I be certain that Satan will not deceive me? Isaiah 8:20, Acts 17:11, John 7:17, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

Ans: a. Isaiah 8:20 – I must check my religion by the __________ and ________ (i.e. the Word of God.)

Ans: b. Acts 17:11 – I must submit all new light to the scrutiny of the ________________

Ans: c. John 7:17 – If I am willing to do Jesus’ will, I will know of all doctrine whether it

________________ of ____________________

Ans: d. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 – I must receive the love of the __________________

NOTE: Be careful what you believe. Life and death are involved. Satan’s masterful misuse of Scripture is destroying millions. Check every belief carefully by the Word of God.

17. What dangerous animal is Satan like today and why? 1 Peter 5:8, Revelation 12:12.

Ans: ____________________ because he knows his time is _________________

NOTE: Satan realizes that time is very short. How tragic that so few people on earth realize the same!


 18. Where will Satan finally be placed? Revelation 20:10

Ans: In the lake of ____________________ and _____________________

19. What will the fire do to him and with what result? Ezekiel 28:18-19, Hebrews 2:14

Ans: a. Ezekiel 28:18 – It will turn him into _____________________________

Ans: b. Hebrews 2:14 – He will be ____________________________ by Jesus.

Ans: c. Ezekiel 28:19 – Never shalt thou be __________________ “.

NOTE: Satan will be completely put out of existence. What a blessed relief to know that son the tormentor will be gone forever!

20. How can we defeat the devil? Revelation 12:11

Ans: a. By the ________________ of the ________________

Ans: b. By the ________________ of our ________________

Ans: c. By being willing to ________________ rather than knowingly dishonor God.

NOTE: See James 4:7-9 for other helpful counsel on how to defeat Satan.


21. In the light of Jesus’ matchless love for you right now and His blessed invitation of Revelation 22:17 for you to come be his child, will you decide to:

1. Ask Jesus to control your life, and

2. Bear testimony to others of His love and power, and

3. Consider your relationship with Jesus a matter of life and death?

Ans: ____________________________________________



Jesus Wants to rescue us from sin.